Making your dream pedalboard a reality

100% pedalboards workshop made in Europe 🇪🇺

Making your dream pedalboard a reality

100% pedalboards workshop made in Europe 🇪🇺

Pedalboards made in Europe

rhuitsept is a pedalboard workshop based in La Rochelle, France 🇫🇷
From configuration design to cabling and pedalboard manufacturing, we master the entire process to make the pedalboard of your dreams a reality.


Handmade pedalboards in European Union

Are you looking for a simple, effective and inspiring pedalboard made in EU 🇪🇺 just for you?
We’re also musicians, and with the help of feedback from our customers, we’ve put together a range of pedalboard models to best suit your needs.

All our pedalboards are made in our workshop in La Rochelle (17), France.

One of rhuitsept’s primary objectives is to be at the service of musicians, which is why, from the outset, we have been in constant dialogue and collaboration with our customers.

 As a result, our pedalboards have evolved to suit most uses.

Always ready to listen to musicians, we have gradually developed a “pedalboard expertise” that enables us to respond ever more appropriately to their problems and constraints.

Our leitmotiv: simple, efficient and inspiring


Wiring service

Looking to make your pedalboard more reliable and/or professional ?
We have all the tools and know-how needed to wire pedalboard systems reliably and professionally.

Ensuring the reliability and professionalism of your pedalboard means above all preserving the integrity of the signal from input to output, whatever the circumstances.

That’s why we use top-of-the-range connectors and cables for all our wiring.

Each cable is rigorously organized using cable trays to limit cable damage and/or breakage, which is often the cause of many problems (buzz, unpowered pedal…).

Every pedalboard passing through the workshop is carefully checked and inspected to ensure that we deliver a fully operational system ready for any situation to our customers.

The workshop also manufactures custom cables by the unit. From the choice of connectors to the choice of cable, we have a solution for you.

👉 See Frequently Asked Questions about our cabling service

étude de pedalboard

Design your pedalboard

Need a little help designing the pedalboard of your dreams ?
The workshop can quickly identify your needs and help you sketch, design and realize your project.

With many years’ experience in design as well as musicians, we are able to quickly identify and understand your needs.

Our expertise enables us to propose concrete, viable solutions for your project.

What’s more, we’re equipped with a wide range of IT tools to help you build your configuration, whether through plans, diagrams or technical documents.

So whether you’re building a pedalboard from scratch, or looking for ways to optimize the configuration you’ve patiently constructed, don’t hesitate to call on our specialists.

pedalboards sur mesure fabriqués en France

Custom-made pedalboard in Europe

Would you like to adapt one of our existing models to fit your project perfectly, or start from scratch ?
We’ll put all our know-how and tools at your disposal to make your idea a reality.

The many configurations we’ve seen and the problems we’ve solved for our customers have enabled us to acquire a wealth of tools and know-how.

As a result, we’re in a position to respond to customized projects, whether from scratch or from an your existing model.

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As a guitarist and former design engineer with a passion for manufacturing, I decided in 2020 to put these skills at the service of musicians.

The very positive feedback from the first customers encouraged me to join a business incubator in 2021.

In 2022, rhuitsept became official, specializing in pedalboards.

Since then, many musician’s configurations have passed through the workshop, enabling us to respond ever more finely to their needs.

rhuitsept sound craftsman

« Greenwashing » zone 🌍

Aware of current and future climate upheavals, we strive every day to reduce the impact of the workshop, so that everyone can continue to enjoy our beautiful and unique planet. That’s why :

✔ we limit our offcuts as much as possible and try to reuse as soon as possible
✔ we limit the production of our waste, which we sort carefully
✔ whenever possible, we use products that are less harmful to the environment
✔ we give preference to local suppliers
✔ we prefer to choose second-hand equipment and/or repair and adapt existing equipment
✔ we make our customers aware of this issue

We’ve been committed to this approach for many years, but we know its limits, and we don’t claim to manufacture “impact-free” pedalboards. Indeed, we note that:

✗ we continue to use high-impact products (glue, tolex…)
✗ we continue to buy products manufactured on the other side of the planet
✗ we consume a lot of abrasive and masking tape that ends up in the scrap heap.

We’re constantly thinking about how we can improve our practices to reduce our impact ever further. For example, masking tape is reused several times before being thrown away.