Welcome to the rhuitsept workshop,

We make pedalboards and more.

Our goal: build simple, efficient and inspiring products.

As a believer in minimalist, we know that the devil is in the details. That’s why we put a lot of care into every product that leaves our workshop.

This approach has one goal: to allow you to focus on what we think is essential: your creativity. And we are convinced that using products that inspire you makes it easier to express it.

As musicians, we know how to identify your needs and define together the solutions to answer them.

From design to manufacturing to final cabling, rhuitsept masters the entire process of creating a pedalboard.

Rhuitsept pedalboards are designed and manufactured in France. The workshop is located in La Rochelle in Charente-Maritime (17).

Thus, each pedalboard receives, in addition to a lot of love, a good dose of sea air.

We also want to help musicians in their sound quests. This is the « et plus ».

So we provide all our tools and know-how at your disposal to help you bring your ideas to life. We are able to manufacture any type of equipment or furniture you may need.

Aware of the climate change that is underway and will continue to occur, we are committed to reducing our impact on a daily basis within the workshop, so that everyone can continue to enjoy our beautiful and unique planet.

If you have a project and/or this words speaks to you, don’t hesitate to send us an email to continue the discussion (or simply ask us a question) ➡️ hello@rhuitsept.fr

See you

Renaud [rhuitsept’s sound craftsman]