handcraft pedalboard
made in France

Pedalboards made in France

rhuitsept’s pedalboards are designed and manufactured in France (made in France).

Designed for guitarists* by a guitarist, the pedalboards are made in the workshop located in La Rochelle in Charente-Maritime (17).

Thus, each pedalboard receives, in addition to much love, a good dose of sea air.

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An all-in-one, plug-n-play pedalboard.

A 100% customizable model to follow you everywhere.

R series

This is the range of pedalboards to customize.
The R series has one goal: to meet your needs as closely as possible.
From choosing the size, to the finish, to adding options, there’s an R series model for you.

87 series

This is the “research and development” part of rhuitsept.
Pedalboards made according to our desires and our experiments.
You may find your happiness here…


Custom made

You have a project in mind or you would like to mix a model of the 87 series with options of the R series?
rhuitsept offers its know-how to help you create the pedalboard of your dreams.

Pedalboard setup

Do you simply need a well-organized pedalboard?
Whether it’s a rhuitsept or another brand, rhuitsept will wire your pedalboard with care and quality components.

Pedalboard consulting

Lost in the choice of your future pedalboard, of a power supply compatible or in its organization?
rhuitsept carries out personalized analyses to help you see things more clearly.
Each study lists your pedals and suggests compatible power supplies as well as the rhuitsept model compatible with your project. And as a bonus, we provide you with some tips and points to watch out for.

Cables & accessories

rhuitsept, it’s also everything you need to wire and organize your pedalboard yourself.

Because rhuitsept is at the service of musicians, on occasion, I am happy to suggest other equipment that might be useful to you:

Who am I ?

My name is Renaud and I am a guitarist.

I worked for a few years in engineering consulting before realizing that it was not my way.

I then became passionate about woodworking and started to build the equipment I needed, including a pedalboard, then a second model and a third…

And there, the idea came: why not offer them to all those who would also need them?

That’s how the rhuitsept project was born!

Fabrication responsable

I’ve been engaged for many years in reducing my impact for better days. rhuitsept is also following this path.

rhuitsept is not perfect, but every day I try to do better:

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